About The Designer

Benilda Nya is a fashion designer, based in Miami, Florida. Benilda is her name, and Nya is her nickname. She was born into a multiracial family in Barranquilla, Colombia S.A. In the 70's, her immediate family migrated to the U.S. with her, and settled in New York. Since childhood she showed her love for fashion design by designing and putting looks together for her dolls, and family members. In Junior High her sewing class teacher saw that she had that talent, and encouraged her to nurture and develop it by going to Fashion Design School. 

Following Fashion Design School, life took her into her other gifts and talents in the fashion and beauty fields, where she excelled and was loved by her employers and customers. After years of helping others build their dreams, going through some challenging times, and most recent the devastating sudden loss of her husband of twenty years to heart disease; she took a Sabbatical to empower herself personally and professionally.  
Armed with resilience, persistence, determination, hope, a refreshed creativity and love for empowering others to live the "good and well life," she focused on creating and developing her own brand - "Benilda Nya."™ Her brand is about Living The Extraordinary and Romantic Lifestyle.™ Because studies have shown that Relaxing/Chilling-out decreases the effects of stress physically and mentally, with her Brand she wants to help and inspire you to create an atmosphere for relaxing, thus decreasing your stress levels and increasing wellness so that you can delight in an extraordinary quality of life.
The brand consist of, a Couture Loungewear Collection for men and women; A Book she wrote coming this 2018 Spring titled, "Living The Romantic Lifestyle"© - For Couples, and coming Summer 2018, "Living The Romantic Lifestyle"© - For Single, Divorced and Widowed people; Leisure Designing, assisting you to design your dream chill-out time, by working on your perspectives and priorities. And paying attention to the things that are critical to your happiness; Public Speaking, to groups, companies and events - motivating, inspiring, and giving the tools for stress management, and the "how to" relax and live your extraordinary and romantic lifestyle.™ 

Benilda Nya’s designs have been worn by celebrities, public figures, and TV personalities. They have also been featured in music videos, TV shows including Extra, Sabado Gigante, Despierta America, and Premio Lo Nuestro. Magazine Articles in Ocean Drive Español, TVyNovelas, TVNotas, Go Riverwalk Magazine, Sun Sentinel, and in People En Español under the “best dressed” category.  

She comes from a family who always helped others and gave to those in need. Since childhood she showed her love for helping others, and always did her best to bring and create beauty into people’s lives. She has volunteered wherever there was a need and has mentored children ages 7 to 18 in the Foster Care System.

Her hobbies are: Dancing, Astronomy, and Archery. 

Her Mission: Is to motivate and inspire others in creating a life where “wellbeing” is the ruler.

"I'm looking forward to empowering you to make time for relaxing and refreshing, so that you can live the extraordinary and romantic lifestyle!" ~ Benilda Nya